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Like many people I know, I am often troubled when reading or watching the news these days. Now I’m just another fallible human being and just a musician at that. But I would like to humbly offer an opinion.

Regarding the focus on Cultural Differences, Climate Change, Political Corruption, Economic Disparity, and Violence: In my view these are all “local” phenomena. By “local” I mean located on our little planet in our little corner of the galaxy in our little corner of the cosmos, etc. Universally however; when it comes to realizing the ultimate success or failure of humans on this particular planet, there will always be many problems to solve.

All living organisms innately possess the impetus to succeed including human beings who rely on their evolved brains to learn, adapt and survive. But in the evolution of the human brain there is a race going on between wisdom and intelligence. On the wisdom side we have accumulated knowledge, like the concept that ALL the bountiful energy in the universe is inextricably connected. And, on the intelligence side we have invented technology, all the tools we create to employ mechanical principles and manipulate our environment for better or for worse.

If and when we embrace both wisdom and intelligence we will stop fearfully competing against each other, join forces, and solve as many problematical questions as can be dreamed of. If we don’t, well…you see the symptoms on the news, and that ain’t the half of it. It’s all about time, and in my opinion the clock towards failure is ticking loudly if we don’t evolve our way of thinking.

In response to the question, “Are you optimistic about the future of the human race?”, the Dali Lama said, “Oh yes, I am an optimist.” When asked why, he said, “Because we are still here.” For the record, I personally agree with him and remain ever hopeful that more and more people will reject mass beliefs in scarcity in favor of a wise and technologically advanced future that includes abundance for all of humanity.

peace, dL

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It’s Just a Ride

Bill Hicks

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The Hat Gallery


IMG_3598JackieGreenHat11096656_10155299954840018_8111050046699905834_n11128824_10204567448920249_7712553663421832156_o(1)IMG_4087IMG_4089IMG_4088IMG_4098IMG_410311053455_10206126695987411_413194081714828044_n11100091_10206283705389841_3420706708842568754_n11082478_10206393515015986_584662245606730803_o1920626_10205135815463075_4049767409552627464_n11149245_10204687481480988_7611086477893947700_n10828047_781858471911083_6303653021165765799_o10704202_10205217226451381_9133514903158078317_o150790_1106166992742854_4522818630761171633_n17120_10206105287612052_9044204679173841667_n10710570_877276968951110_720680059797142745_nIMG_377010733732_698559250258511_8433119112308337628_oSChat14281_766892470074428_9128076325684174983_n10981351_10204080790244477_6861872619378477469_n11066516_10206582081820237_5686360119228611158_n10614188_10206135362480352_7333923840888800774_n10904432_840998845958358_1008008356335099102_o11726_1031862886828838_1803728923796580584_n11014870_10152669195712511_902023958816158968_o10639441_10205675667039866_457534943940694765_n1509649_10205094747560578_2561096848324798323_nIMG_3820IMG_3823IMG_3824IMG_382610891985_10152966801098468_3617847525055846101_nIMG_3836FullSizeRenderIMG_4117 211025967_10152814960301374_6312070400594246098_n4U0A380310584039_1004221932970257_8376783463332087675_n 12509874_10207419049108053_7672821500789568940_n 12552670_1101489526542335_1278748797249425546_n 12573830_10205859283985709_6976739009012812481_n

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how ’bout this band? “The Mnozil Brass”

click me


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Yes It Can

Watching the mainstream news media can leave you feeling like nothing positive ever happens, ever. The onslaught of up to the minute negativity is presented constantly, all day, every day.

In an effort to focus on some positive news, this blog entitled “Yes It Can” is for anyone who would like a break from ongoing accounts of the demise of honesty, decency, and the planet Earth.

Here’s the first post:

For About $20, Cardboard Bicycle Could ‘Change The World,’ Inventor Says

link to NPR story

Here’s the second post:

In our opinion Thomas L. Neff is a legitimate American hero. Mr. Neff not only saved energy, but might very well have saved the planet and everyone on it.Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 11.19.28 AM

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The Evolution of the Backswing

or… not

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Like wipers in the rain
the chatter in the brain
goes back and forth and back
while you focus on the lane.

and view the road ahead
with wariness or dread
assuming it’s without you
when it’s quite within instead.

then as you round the bend
the messages you send
will appear so clear before you
that you may not see the blend.

The effects of which remain
are really not insane
remember you’ve been driving
with wipers in the rain.

©1986 by Danny Louis


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re hydraulic fracturing:

“let there be gas, but under no circumstance pull my finger, as surely the air and waters of the earth shall be fouled.”

– Flatulence 10:13

SistineFraapleclicketh above and bear witness to the truth

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