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this video contains fruit that may be disturbing:Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 3.36.52 PM

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 3.41.43 PM

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Like wipers in the rain
the chatter in the brain
goes back and forth and back
while you focus on the lane.

and view the road ahead
with wariness or dread
assuming it’s without you
when it’s quite within instead.

then as you round the bend
the messages you send
will appear so clear before you
that you may not see the blend.

The effects of which remain
are really not insane
remember you’ve been driving
with wipers in the rain.

©1986 by Danny Louis


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re hydraulic fracturing:

“let there be gas, but under no circumstance pull my finger, as surely the air and waters of the earth shall be fouled.”

– Flatulence 10:13

SistineFraapleclicketh above and bear witness to the truth

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Machan and Danny talk about Phelonious Phunk – Danny sings one of his own

an intimate encounter at Mark’s Music Center in Rhinbeck, NY.

Phelonious Phunk is: Machan Taylor – vocals/guitar, Randy Ciarlante – vocals/drums, Charlie Kniceley – bass, and Danny Louis – keys/horns/guitar and vocals – with this week’s special guests: Stew Cutler – guitar and Bill Evans – sax                                                              @ the High Falls Cafe – Saturday Dec 15th – 9pm


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Once Upon A Career…

once upon a career…

I was working in my NYC studio trying hard to meet a TV air date deadline on the music for a KFC spot, and the creative team at the ad agency just couldn’t seem to stop asking for more and more revisions. I guess the pressure got the better of me and I really lost it for about 20 minutes. When it was all over and my head cleared, I had created this, so I sent it to them. It got passed around quite a bit and somehow I managed not to lose the client. If you don’t like cussing, you may not want to listen…either way, all apologies, for it’s somewhat offensive, at least at the time I was hoping it would be.

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